mod_ldap is a third-party module that allows proftpd to do user authentication and name/UID lookups against an LDAP database.

Please note: Read the CHANGES section below for mod_ldap v2.7 changes; some significant changes have been made. Do NOT upgrade to mod_ldap v2.7 before reading the CHANGES section.


1. How do I set up mod_ldap?
If you are using a version of mod_ldap included with a ProFTPD release, you can simply:

  tar xvzf proftpd-version.tar.gz
  cd proftpd-version
  ./configure --with-modules=mod_ldap
  make install
Add the contents of posixAccount-objectclass to your slapd.oc.conf (or equivalent) and restart your LDAP server. If you plan on using mod_ldap for group lookups, also add the contents of posixGroup-objectclass. The user-ldif file contains a sample user ldif. Modify it to your liking and say:
  ldapadd -D your-root-dn -w your-root-dn-password < ldif

Read up on the LDAP configuration directives. At a bare minimum, you'll need to have the LDAPServer, LDAPDNInfo, and LDAPDoAuth configuration directives in your proftpd.conf.

A sample set of LDAP configuration directives is included here:

    LDAPServer localhost
    LDAPDNInfo cn=your-dn,dc=horde,dc=net dnpass
    LDAPDoAuth on "dc=users,dc=horde,dc=net"

If you wish to use a newer version of mod_ldap that is not yet included with a release version of ProFTPD, simply download the file mod_ldap.c, say:

  cp -f mod_ldap.c proftpd-version/contrib
and then follow the same steps as above.

2. Changes in v2.5.2 - v2.7.1
Please check the web site for previous changelogs.



3. To Do

4. Thanks

5. Author
John Morrissey, Feedback is much appreciated. If you're using mod_ldap successfully, or you're having problems getting mod_ldap up and running at your site, or even have some code improvements or ideas for development, please let me know!