ProFTPD 1.2 README - Ports

See the web site for a more complete and current list:
If you have successfully built and run ProFTPD on a platform not listed, you are invited to share your experience. Please include your platform name and version (e.g. uname -a), compiler and version, the proftpd version (e.g. ./proftpd -v), any optional modules that you are using (e.g. ./proftpd -l), and any special instructions or comments.
The Linux compilation environment largely depends on the kernel, glibc, gcc, and libpam. So, please either report the versions of these components, or the distribution name, version and any patches affecting the compilation environment.

ProFTPD 1.2.0 has been reported to build on the following:

    OS                 Compiler     Comments
    -----------------  -----------  ----------------------------------------
    AIX 4.2.1          gcc 2.95.2   see README.AIX
    AIX 4.2.1          cc 4.4       see README.AIX
    AIX 4.3.3          cc 4.4       see README.AIX
   ?BSD/OS 4.1
   ?BSD/OS 4.2
   ?Compaq Tru64 5.0A
   ?Compaq Tru64 5.0B
   ?Digital UNIX 4.0A
   ?FreeBSD 3.5        gcc          see README.FreeBSD
   ?FreeBSD 4.1        gcc
   ?FreeBSD 4.2        gcc
   ?HP/UX 10.x
   ?HP/UX 11.x
    IRIX 6.5           cc 7.30     
   ?IRIX 6.5           gcc 2.95.2  
   ?Linux              gcc          kernel 2.0.x, 2.2.x or 2.4.x
                                    glibc2 (libc6) required
   ?MacOS X
   ?NetBSD 1.4         gcc
   ?NetBSD 1.5         gcc
   ?OpenBSD 2.6        gcc
   ?OpenBSD 2.7        gcc
   ?OpenBSD 2.8        gcc
    Solaris 2.5        gcc 2.91.66  see README.Solaris2.5x
   ?Solaris 2.5.1      gcc          see README.Solaris2.5x
   ?Solaris 2.6
   ?Solaris 7
    Solaris 8          cc 5.0
   ?Solaris 8          gcc 2.95.2
   ?UnixWare 7                      see README.Unixware
Linux distributions:
   ?Caldera 2.3        gcc
    Conectiva 5.0      gcc          bundled
   ?Debian 2.2         gcc
   ?Immunix 6.2        gcc
   ?Mandrake 7.2       gcc
   ?Red Hat 6.2        gcc
   ?Red Hat 7.0        gcc
   ?Slackware 7        gcc
   ?SuSE 6.4           gcc
    Trustix 1.2        gcc 2.95.2   bundled
   ?TurboLinux 6.0     gcc

ProFTPD 1.2.0pre3 has been reported to build on the following:

    OS                 Compiler  Notes
    -----------------  --------  ----------------------------------------
    AIX 3.2                      native compiler
    AIX 4.2                      tested
    BSDI 2.x                     possibly
    BSDI 3.1                     tested; use gmake instead of make
    BSDI 4.0
    DEC OFS/1                    native compiler
    Digital UNIX 4.0A
    FreeBSD 2.2.7                tested, see README.FreeBSD
    FreeBSD 3.3                  see README.FreeBSD
    IRIX 6.2
    IRIX 6.3                     native compiler or gcc
    IRIX 6.4                     tested
    Linux                        kernel 2.0.x or 2.2.x; glibc2 (libc6) required
    OpenBSD 2.2/2.3              tested
    Solaris 2.5.1                see README.Solaris2.5x
    Solaris 2.6