ProFTPD Developer's Guide: The Controls API

ProFTPD Version 1.2

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The Controls API provides a way to talk to the running server and request that module-defined server-side actions be performed, such as requesting a list of currently supported configuration directives, or banning a certain user or host from connecting to the server. This is done by registering custom control handlers that are keyed using an action, a specific command requested by a client, such as "restart" or "ban". The communication between controls clients and the running server is done via a Unix domain socket, with the server side of the socket being implemented by mod_ctrls.

A developer wishing to make use of the capabilities of controls should read the description of the control objects first, then the functions for working with these objects. There is also a development document that contains some suggestions and notes to keep in mind when devising one's own control actions and their handlers.

Table of Contents

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