ProFTPD Developer's Guide: Third-party Libraries

ProFTPD Version 1.2

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Third-party libraries
This refers to any third-party libraries that your module might require, such as the MySQL, LDAP, and OpenSSL libraries, or any other library. Such dependencies will require changes to the configure script which is run before proftpd is compiled.

To have a library linkage (e.g. -lcrypto) automatically added to the Makefile, use the special $Libraries$ keyword near the top of your module's source file:

   * GPL, other header information here
   * $Libraries: -lcrypto $
This covers the case where the library in question is common, and applies to all platforms.

If that library is in a non-standard location, a library path may need to provided (i.e. the -L option). This can be done at configure-time using the --with-libraries configure option:

  ./configure --with-libraries=/path/to/other/library ...
Alternatively, the LDFLAGS environment variable can be used to pass linker information into the configure process:
  LDFLAGS=linker-options ./configure ...
If use of --with-libraries or LDFLAGS is necessary when building your module, make sure to include this requirement as part of your module's documentation.

Table of Contents

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