ProFTPD module mod_diskuse

This module is contained in the mod_diskuse.h and mod_diskuse.c files for ProFTPD 1.2, found here, and is not compiled by default. Installation instructions are discussed here.

The mod_diskuse module can be used to prevent users from uploading data when the total disk usage of the underlying filesystem has reached a configurable limit.

The most current version of mod_diskuse can be found at:


Please contact TJ Saunders <tj at> with any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding this module.



Syntax: MaxDiskUsage percent|"none" ["user"|"group"|"class" expression]
Default: None
Context: server config, <VirtualHost>, <Global>, <Anonymous>
Module: mod_diskuse
Compatibility: 1.2.5rc2 and later

The MaxDiskUsage directive configures the maximum amount of disk space in use, as a percentage, before uploads to the server (i.e. APPEs, STORs, and STOUs) are denied. Denial of these commands will be logged.

The percent can also be "none", which is used to override any inherited disk use limits, as from a <Global> context.

The optional parameters are used to restrict the disk usage limit only to specific users. If "user" restriction is given, then expression is a user-expression specifying to which users the limit applies. Similarly for the "group" restriction. For the "class" restriction, the expression is simply the name of connection class for whom the rule will apply.


  # Prevent anonymous users from using up too much space...
  MaxDiskUsage 60.0 user anonymous

  # ...but allow other users to use up to a more reasonable amount
  MaxDiskUsage 80.0


To install mod_diskuse, follow these instructions. After unpacking the tarball, run the configure script:
  cd mod_diskuse/
This checks your system for necessary information and writes a proper mod_diskuse.h. Now, copy the mod_diskuse.c and mod_diskuse.h files into:
after unpacking the latest proftpd-1.2 source code. Follow the usual steps for using third-party modules in proftpd:
  ./configure --with-modules=mod_diskuse
  make install

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