ProFTPD is a highly configurable FTP daemon for Unix and Unix-like operating systems. See the README.ports file for more details about the platforms on which ProFTPD in known or thought to build and run.

ProFTPD grew from a desire for a secure and configurable FTP server. It was inspired by a significant admiration of the Apache web server. Unlike most other Unix ftp servers, it has not been derived from the old BSD ftpd code base, but is a completely new design and implementation.

ProFTPD's extensive configurability provides systems adminstrators great flexibility in user authentication and access controls, including virtual ftp users and easy chroot() ftp sessions for individual users.

ProFTPD is popular with many service providers for delivering update access to user web pages, without resorting to Unix shell accounts.

ProFTPD powers many well-known, high-volume anonymous FTP sites, including,, and

ProFTPD is bundled with several Linux distributions, including Conectiva and Trustix.

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Installation Overview
For detailed installation instructions, see the INSTALL file in the root directory of the source distribution.

The ProFTPD source distribution is designed to be configured using the GNU autotools, so compiling and installing follows the familiar command sequence of ./configure; make; make install. However, a significant portion of ProFTPD's configurability is done at compile time, so it is highly recommended that you read INSTALL and all the README.* files that pertain to your platform and desired features before building the sources.

ProFTPD uses a single configuration file. A few examples are included in the sample-configurations subdirectory of the source distribution.

On most systems, the inetd or xinetd configuration must be changed, either to remove the current ftpd entry to run ProFTPD standalone, or to change the current ftpd entry to use the proftpd daemon.